London B beats Kent B AGAIN.
Posted by johnny kelly on August 31 2009 19:41:13
We won this match after losing the first set 7-4 due to a few factors and they are , we have a good strength in depth in our squad , we have great team spirit and self belief and we have players like Mark Eldridge in the C team who we can call on who are more than capable of rising to the occasion.
Yes we were without Paul McHale, Darren Baker, Michael Brown and Chris Yates. Yes the A team needed to take Ian Clark and yes we lost the first set 7-4 . But did we panic ? Did we fuck is the answer. We knew we were the better team no matter what 11 we fielded. We've already done all the hard work and are well in control of the league as it stands and the players know that. What the players are doing now is fighting for their places at yarmouth next year in then National Finals.
After the first set , we then went on to win 10 in a row to go 14-7 up. Panic? What panic? lol
6-5 in the 3rd set and then a very nice 9-2 in the last see us run out comfortable winners with a 29-15 result.

On an Individual level.

Below average performances from Kyle Merrigan and Tony Bailey. These two have been solid all season and although these two didnt play terribly , they did play well below their own standards.

Average performances from myself, Steve Wallace, Joe Cunningham and Bri Chudasama. The cloth was running very very slow and did cost us all a fair few frames , but as i always say " its the same for both players". you just have to get out there and get on with it.
Another very bad performance from Adam Coppen, unbelievale really concidering how good a start the first half of the season has been for this boy , i'm sure its just a blip and it will all come good again. BUT, the pressure is now on and i dont care if people might say i'm putting you under extra pressure by saying this , but you are now fighting for your place in yarmouth , you need to step upto the plate. i dont care what people say is purely down to the fact that if you cant handle this pressure of fighting for your place in yarmouth , how will you ever handle the pressure of yarmouth itself. I said to you after your first two county matches that if you play like that , you would be one of the first names on the sheet. And i stand by that. Kick yourself up the arse and crack on.
It was nice to see Robbie Robb back in his No.10 position and getting a nice 3/4 to keep percentages within the top 4 in the squad.
Very pleasing performances from Rob Chalmers and Chris Snyman , both in their rookie years in the London B team and both very much cementing their places in the team . keep up the good work lads.


Is without a doubt Mark Eldridge , 4/4 on his debut for the B team. What more can anyone want on that day. He may of damaged his chances of being player of the season in the C's by way of his stats , but more importantly , proved what a valuebly part of the B team Mark can be in next years campaign. Well done and thankyou.

2/4 Kyle Merrigan
4/4 Rob Chalmers
3/4 John Kelly
4/4 Chris Snyman
2/4 Joe Cunningham
2/4 Steve Wallace
2/4 Tony Bailey
2/4 Bri Chudasama
4/4 Mark Eldridge
3/4 Robbie Robb
1/4 Adam Coppen