Kent C 20 -24 London C (11th Sept 2016)
Posted by kbath on January 21 2017 09:59:48
Top of the region clash meant this could seal the fate of the eventual winner, and London did not disappoint with a 24 to 20 win. As usual versus Kent this was going to be a close match and that it was London leading by only two frames at the end of the second set. Kent won set 3 by one frame to go one frame behind in the final set, but London stayed focused in the final set to take the match 24 � 20.
Man of the match goes to Ross, Matt and Carl for a great performance, sell done guys.

Kent C (Home) v London C Match synopsis

Set 1: Kent C 5 - 6 London C
Set 2: Kent C 5 � 6 London C
Set 3: Kent C 6 � 5 London C
Set 4: Kent C 4 � 7 London C

Olly Lawrence 2/4
Ross Dawkes 3/4
Matt Holroyd 3/4
Dave Hall 1/4
Dean Daley 3/4
Carl Speller 3/4
Paul Dawson 1/4
Peter Panayiotou 2/4
Kulvinder Bath 1/4
Pete Thomas 3/4
Glen Hargreaves 2/4