London vs Berks 19/5/2013: A Team Report
Posted by Rupe on May 22 2013 23:00:00
London 23 - 21 Berkshire
19th May 2013

Set scores: 8-5-6-4

We had 3 regulars missing, so Zen was retained from his debut in the previous
match in Sussex, Danny Moffatt who's done well for the As before was brought in
too, along with Stacy Redman who was top of the B division rankings last year
was given his debut in the As. They all fitted in very nicely with some good play
and great attitudes.

The match itself was nip and tuck. We set great pace in the first set but a team
of Berks' quality is always going to be able to come back at you at some point,
and we never managed to extend that lead.

Well, not until we went into the final set at 19-14 up and won 3 or the next 4 frames.
At 22-15 however, the wheels came off with 3 losses in a row before Danny Moffatt
pulled off a nice finish to complete his 4/4 and get us over the line.

I was playing on the other table at the time and have to admit that the relief went
to my arm a bit... I somehow contrived to plant the black in in a way which must
have looked like I was trying to. Dreadful. But the win's the thing, ahem. I like
to think the pressure would have helped if it hadn't been lifted, and I dare say
that's true for Zen and Jon who subsequently got beat to help Berks to a more
respectable loss than it might have been.

Joe 2/4
Neil 3/4
Alex 3/4
Darren 2/4
Tony 0/4
Jamie 0/4
Stacy 2/4
Danny M 4/4
Rupe 3/4
Zen 2/4
Jon 2/4