B Team Match Report Against Surrey
Posted by smithy on February 11 2013 14:47:30
Well what a way to come back into the County Squad! I though i was just turning up to help you boys on your way to another victory! But due to the circumstances of the day, I found myself as the B Team Captain for the day!

We had 8 B Team players present, then sorry to say we had to poach 3 players from the C Team. Not ideal, but that's the way county works. My apologies to Paul as it was his first match in charge of the C's and didn't make it any easier for him.

The 3 players that were picked: Baz, Will, and David all did a sterling job, for the Team!

Again my apologies, if I didn't pick you to step up to the B's for the day! I was put on the spot and had to make quick decisions and thankfully they paid off.

I would like to thank all the players, for what was a great TEAM Performance, we got off to a good start, then Surrey pegged us back, but we still nicked the first leg 6-5. Then we got out of first gear and kicked on, they came back at us a little in the third set, but with everyone chipping in we marched on to victory!

We maybe let them have a few frames in the last set, once we had secured the Win, but on the whole as the Captain I was more than happy with the whole team.

No Man of the Match for me, there were 11 Men of the Match!

Thanks again for all your support guys!

Lets hope its the start of yet another Regional Championship!!!