A Team report: London vs Sussex 13/03/11
Posted by Rupe on March 23 2011 11:02:44
London A 30 - 14 Sussex
Sunday 13th March 2011

It seems strange to be saying this about a 30-14 win but it has to be said... we got a bit lucky.

We lost the first set 7-4, followed by the first 3 frames of the second set. There was some sloppiness from London and, to be fair, some fine play by the visitors.

10-4 is a massive lead at that stage and of course it's pleasing that we managed to turn things round so dramatcially. But while there was some good pool played by us in that second half of the match, let's not kid ourselves that we were hitting top form as a team.

It could have been very different. Five of those first 10 frames won by Sussex, they won at their first visit to the table. If they'd maintained anything like that form, it would have been a lot harder for us to come back at them. Other sides in our region, or Sussex on a different day, may not give us
the chance.

There was some over-casual over-confident London play, confidence which wasn't backed up by performance. One expects a bit of a hangover of this sort from winning the finals, and we'll let pass the hangovers from celebrating it the night before this match. But we need to understand that we need to be right back on our game next time... the new points system is going to be much less forgiving than the old one. We must play better against Kent in the next match; the size of this win will mean nothing if we drop points and with Berks and Kent both looking strong (as well as Surrey who are always a threat) even the fact that the top 2 qualify for Yarmouth now may not save us if we slip up.

Sean and Chris both played really well to win 4 out of 4, and both Rob's and Andy's 3 out of 4 featured a first-visit dish by their opponents in the frame they lost. Well done to these and the other players who got 3/4 for pulling us through.

Rob Chalmers 3/4
Joe Prince 0/2
Jamie Fay 1/4
Frank Costello 3/4
Sean Halligan 4/4
Nigel Clarke 3/4
Chris Snyman 4/4
Darren Baker 3/4
Jerry Tickell 2/4
Andy Breen 3/4
Rupert Ward 2/4
John Runghen (sub) 2/2