London Ladies vs Sussex at home 09/07/2017
Posted by SharonB on September 13 2017 19:16:38
A Match full of surprises as this was to be our last match with Emma and Lauren.

We always knew this would be a close one and London had unfinished business due to what happened on the first match of the season. We needed a win to be able to lift any sort of trophy at the end of the season.
Not a good start, again we lost the first 5 frames. London needed to wake up... our supporters and team made sure we started making some noise. We were at home this time and we wanted them to know it. We went on to win the next 6 frames winning the first set 6-5.

Great come back and wanted to push the flow into the next set. This Sussex side were starting to crumble under the pressure and noise from the London Ladies. We went on to win the second set 7-5. There was some good tactical play starting in the frames as both sides were desperate to secure frames. Every frame was vital at this point.

The third set really did catch London off guard we lost the set 9-2. Again Sussex had taken the lead 18-15. London really needed to bite back, they had caught us off guard one to many times and we needed to prove a point. We went on to smash the last set 7-2, with one final frame showdown Kirsty Edwards’s vs Laura Boyle. Kirsty was perfect for this situation and knew what needed to be done. Holding her nerve she absolutely took control of the whole frame and play her way to victory giving the London ladies their win 23-21.

Lady of Match Kirsty Edwards