London Ladies vs Kent at home 11/06/2017
Posted by SharonB on September 13 2017 19:16:30
Both sides knew what was at stake on the result of this match and that was the top position. After out loss against Sussex at the first match of the season – we really needed to beat Kent to get a level playing field again.
London ladies really didn’t get off to a good start losing the first 7 frames, and then losing the first set 10-1. Devastating and London knew we have to pull out something special to bring back the deficit. The Kent side knew they needed a good start and were going full team ahead.

The Second set say London bring back a few frames desperately needed and we won’t the set 7-4. The London ladies took a while to warm up into this match but were looking at the finish line which was getting closer and were determined to get their first.

The next set we won 6-5. There were a few unlucky shots from us and we seemed to have trouble finish the black off in a few frames, essentially giving the frames away. We needed to compose ourselves and fight on with the score now bring 14-19 to Kent

In true style by the 39th Frame we had brought it back to an astonishing 19-20 to them!. The end was close now and fell down to the final few frame. Unfortunately on the day Kent was the stronger side 4/5 of those critical frame. London lost the match to a determined Kent side 20-24
Lady of Match Lauren William