London B v Sussex B
Posted by tonygriffindor on March 21 2016 13:21:10

So after a draw against Surrey, the london Bs turned our attention to the first home game of the season against sussex. We welcomed Danny Moffatt and Chris Hobbis to the team after spells in the As. The team was in high spirits after the team talk by captain Cassius and we was raring to go.

***SET ONE***

Following tradition of slow starts to county matches, we went 5-1 down. But rob cork, jack lawrence, Connor hewson, will gayler and Micky Clayton picked things up to close the deficit to 1 frame.

Set score


***SET TWO***

We reversed the set score in the second, with some good pool being played and a couple of us taking out some good finishes, a couple of chants from the junior national team champions livened the team up and got us to 11-11 going into the third set.

Set score



Shane O'reilly came in for Danny Moffatt at half time but after a bit of confusion with the referee about choice of colour, was unlucky to win his frame, sussex battled hard but so did london. Again another 6-5 set score in favour of Sussex. Score at the end of set 3 17-16 Sussex.

***SET FOUR***

The final set, and again a big push by the london boys, everyone getting behind each other, team morale was high and we believed we could get that first win on the board. Shout out to jasper bacon on his B team debut coming in for Andre. So we come to 21-21 with will gayler and Micky C to bring the match home. And both of them played superb frames to get the job done. Game set and match to london with a scoreline of 23-21!

Set score



Will Gayler 4/4
Connor Hewson 3/4
Jack lawrence 3/4
Chris Hobbis 3/4
Tony Griffin 2/4
Ryan Francis 2/4
Michael Clayton 2/4
Rob Cork 1/4
Mehmet Tango 1/4
Andre Cox 1/3
Shane O'Reilly 1/2
Danny Moffatt 0/2
Jasper bacon 0/1

Man of the match is Mehmet and Shane for both winning there first frames in the men's squads. Well done lads.

Match report by tony griffin