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London Ladies vs Hampshire AWAY 10/09/2017

Inter CountyAnother showdown with a great side.

London were playing with a player short so were already going into the match 0-4 down. Devastating after what we had worked so hard for was just being given away.

The remaining players were determined however and fully committed to the team victory.
The London ladies started off well. Pulling out some great clearances and tactical play, we knew this Hampshire side wasn’t ready for us. We won the first set 7-4.

Having knew we caught them off guard we tried to push into the second set. Hampshire had a fight in them however and started securing a lot of their frames and with careful shot selection, the second set ended 11-11.
London Ladies again stuck together and made some noise, we knew we could take this match and were the better side. We push on into the third set and were determined to take a lead the third set saw us do just that with us taking a good lead of 18-15.

Melissa Cooke was noted throughout this match as securing frames and playing very level headed matches. From her shot selection to frame control she had everything which we needed. London knew what we needed to do in the final set and we did just that. Fantastic day, full of team banter, strength and high quality games. London ladies were back winning 25-19

Lady of Match Melissa Cooke

London Ladies vs Sussex at home 09/07/2017

Inter CountyA Match full of surprises as this was to be our last match with Emma and Lauren.

We always knew this would be a close one and London had unfinished business due to what happened on the first match of the season. We needed a win to be able to lift any sort of trophy at the end of the season.
Not a good start, again we lost the first 5 frames. London needed to wake up... our supporters and team made sure we started making some noise. We were at home this time and we wanted them to know it. We went on to win the next 6 frames winning the first set 6-5.

Great come back and wanted to push the flow into the next set. This Sussex side were starting to crumble under the pressure and noise from the London Ladies. We went on to win the second set 7-5. There was some good tactical play starting in the frames as both sides were desperate to secure frames. Every frame was vital at this point.

The third set really did catch London off guard we lost the set 9-2. Again Sussex had taken the lead 18-15. London really needed to bite back, they had caught us off guard one to many times and we needed to prove a point. We went on to smash the last set 7-2, with one final frame showdown Kirsty Edwards’s vs Laura Boyle. Kirsty was perfect for this situation and knew what needed to be done. Holding her nerve she absolutely took control of the whole frame and play her way to victory giving the London ladies their win 23-21.

Lady of Match Kirsty Edwards

London Ladies vs Kent at home 11/06/2017

Inter CountyBoth sides knew what was at stake on the result of this match and that was the top position. After out loss against Sussex at the first match of the season – we really needed to beat Kent to get a level playing field again.
London ladies really didn’t get off to a good start losing the first 7 frames, and then losing the first set 10-1. Devastating and London knew we have to pull out something special to bring back the deficit. The Kent side knew they needed a good start and were going full team ahead.

The Second set say London bring back a few frames desperately needed and we won’t the set 7-4. The London ladies took a while to warm up into this match but were looking at the finish line which was getting closer and were determined to get their first.

The next set we won 6-5. There were a few unlucky shots from us and we seemed to have trouble finish the black off in a few frames, essentially giving the frames away. We needed to compose ourselves and fight on with the score now bring 14-19 to Kent

In true style by the 39th Frame we had brought it back to an astonishing 19-20 to them!. The end was close now and fell down to the final few frame. Unfortunately on the day Kent was the stronger side 4/5 of those critical frame. London lost the match to a determined Kent side 20-24
Lady of Match Lauren William

Ladies County match home to Surrey 21.05.2017


Home match against Surrey Ladies, we should get the win but this is pool and as we know from experience anything can happen.

The first leg was a tight one, Emma won a very close game but Lauren smashed it with a fabulous dish. Watch out Emma, Lauren is gunning for the top spot. Mel potted a great black to make it 6 – 5 to London. A very close start to the match.

The second leg was better, Sarah had a very close game and got the win. Linda doubled her last ball to leave herself on the black to win her game (This took me back to one of our many finals in Great Yarmouth when Linda did the very same shot to win the National finals). New player Claire Stork placed a good frame and Kate did a lovely finish to put us 13 - 9 up.

The third leg saw Emma lose a very close match (yes even the best can lose). Sarah played a fantastic frame finishing a very hard dish and Mel won her game with a lovely finish. Surrey dug deep to win some very close games and came back to made it 18 – 15. This was too close for comfort.

The fourth leg Emma and Lauren and Sarah got us off to a great start winning their games Mel played a great frame and Claire produced a nice finish to give us the win. Kat and myself also got a win making the final score 25 – 19.

Player of Match
Lauren, Sarah and Mel all played some great frames to get 4 out of 4 and were all in contention for player of the match.
I decided to give it to Mel as it was her first 4 framer for the county and she had played very steadily choosing her shots well and is defiantly a team player. Well done to her.

A great match as ever against Surrey who had us sweating in the 3rd leg, but we pulled together to come back with a very good win especially without our captain Sharon (she was on her hen do), Lucy (she was still making final preparations for her marriage to Sharon) and Charlotte.
Well done team.

Sue Studman

London Ladies vs Hampshire (Match Report) 09/04

Inter CountyAfter a great match the previous month the London ladies were well motivated to come up against an opponent which had in previous years brought games which had gone down to the wire. Hampshire had lost a few players since last season but rumour had it they had added some tremendous talent to their squad making them a very strong side indeed.

The London ladies made a slightly rocky start, being slightly apprehensive of this New Hampshire side and what they could bring to the table. But we had one job to do and we were dedicated, we had just managed to win 6-5.
After some gained confidence in the second set the London ladies all got their heads down and played each frame shot by shot and made sure they secured those crucial frames that were needed. We had gone on to win the second set 8-3 making the score line 14-8.

Now pulling well ahead the third set only meant one thing which was to secure the game, we had won the first 5 frames in that set. The London ladies were on fire and it was great to witness! Game quality had never been better and we were completely focused and motivated. We came to win the third set 7-4 with a total of 21-12.

The last set saw pretty much the same as the third. Games were secured and the job was completed. The girls came together and acknowledge their performance as being one of the best which was much needed against this strong Hampshire side. Always a pleasure to play Hampshire but nothing could stop our girls on this day.

Tremendous game quality was witnesses with a feeling of great team spirit, the London ladies had finally come together and bonded like never before and this carried us all the way through this match to a victory.

Everyone is looking forward to our next challenge which will be Surrey at home

Match Report Berkshire HOME 12/03/2017

Inter CountyAfter missing out last month the girls were ready to perform and eager to secure as many frames as possible to ensure a top position at the end of the season. After our team talk morale was high and we were ready to play.

The first set was bound to only go one way with high determination and the high standard expected from the girls moving forward. We won our first set 10-1 which was a sign of things to come!. Berkshire were aware they were coming up against a highly motivated side and changed to a more tactical approach to their frames bringing the second set back slightly but with London winning 7-4.

After being able to slow us down slightly with the game total now at 17-5 the ladies were keen to get over the finishing line and went on to smash the next again 10-1. With the match now at 27-6 the last set was about securing those frames.

The last set saw the match finish at 35-9 which was a great and much needed victory for London Ladies. Lucy Nettleingham was appointed Player of the match with not only securing 100% of her games but doing so in style with an amazing clearance in the last set showing just what our players are capable of.

Looking forward to a hard match next month against Hampshire on 9th April – the girls are well practised and ready to pursue another victory on our belt.

London Seniors 2017 vs Sussex and Berkeshire

Inter CountyThe London Seniors have got off to a slow start losing their first two matches in this years campaign against Sussex and Berkshire.

Sussex was particularly disappointing as after a shaky start, the London old boys found themselves the wrong side of 12-8 going into the final set. A fantastic rally saw them level to only to fall at the final hurdle :(
Well done however to Phillip Woollery getting 3 frames on his county debut and Rupert Ward with a solid 4/5

Final score Sussex 13 - London 12 - played 26th Feb 2017


Paul Gafa Won 0/2
Pete Thomas Won 2/5
Jerry Tickell Won 2/3
Glen Tingley Won 1/5
Rupert Ward Won 4/5
Phillip Woollery Won 3/5

The Londoners were always struggling match against an impressive Berkshire squad and we quickly floundered in the first set losing 4-1.

From then on it was always catch up and against a solid team, who would admit they had some run, the London boys were never in contention.

Final score Berkshire 15 - London 10 - played 12th March 2017


Darren Baker 2/5
Rupert Ward 2/5
Glen Tingley 2/3
Phillip Woollery 1/3
Paul Gafa 1/2
Pete Thomas 2/2
Jerry Tickell 0/5

Some of you may have noticed we have a great squad this year with two current London A team players (Jerry and Rupe) and 2 previous A team regulars (Glen and Darren) it would be fair to say we haven't performed as the talent suggests. The standard of senior county pool has been going up year on year, so nothing is going to come easy but I'm sure the London Seniors will have a few wins coming their way before the year is out.

London Ladies vs Sussex (Match Report) 26/02

Inter CountyThe first set saw the matches’ spilt fairly evenly. Losing out to win the set just by 6/5. First impressions after our first set was that this was not the same Sussex side we had encountered last season. Some great additions to their team meant the pressure was on and Sussex were certainly hungry for it to beat last year’s region winners. The next set saw a lot of close blackball games with Sussex taking the edge in most of those winning 7/4.

The pressure was on London ladies who were falling slightly behind this strong Sussex side, and although we battled hard over the next two sets we could only gain the 4 wins in each. The girls battled hard to the end trying to secure as many frames as possible.

The London ladies came away disappointed but with a fire in their belly to practice and come back stronger. Our player of the match by no doubt was Angela Hobbs. Coming up against some great players, holding her nerve and playing each match with team shots and securing frames. Winning 2/4 with some unlucky defeats but never giving up at all and bringing the noise and support to everyone’s games made her the clear choice.

Kent C 20 -24 London C (11th Sept 2016)

Inter CountyTop of the region clash meant this could seal the fate of the eventual winner, and London did not disappoint with a 24 to 20 win. As usual versus Kent this was going to be a close match and that it was London leading by only two frames at the end of the second set. Kent won set 3 by one frame to go one frame behind in the final set, but London stayed focused in the final set to take the match 24 � 20.
Man of the match goes to Ross, Matt and Carl for a great performance, sell done guys.

Kent C (Home) v London C Match synopsis

Set 1: Kent C 5 - 6 London C
Set 2: Kent C 5 � 6 London C
Set 3: Kent C 6 � 5 London C
Set 4: Kent C 4 � 7 London C

Olly Lawrence 2/4
Ross Dawkes 3/4
Matt Holroyd 3/4
Dave Hall 1/4
Dean Daley 3/4
Carl Speller 3/4
Paul Dawson 1/4
Peter Panayiotou 2/4
Kulvinder Bath 1/4
Pete Thomas 3/4
Glen Hargreaves 2/4

London C 28 -16 Hampshire C (15th Oct 2016)

Inter CountyA win at our Last home match of the season could mean the London C county team could win the region for the first time ever with a match to go (depending on other results), so every endeavour was taken to get as many players to show up; this is exactly what the team did. It has to be said that Hampshire have suffered this season with losing some players and so were severely depleted, having said that this was no easy game and we still had to win our frames. We started tentatively only scraping the first set 6 -5, then we woke up and stormed ahead winning the next set 8-3. Hampshire came back at us in the third set but we still took the set 6-5. With leading 20-13 we only needed another three frames but we had the combined trophy to think of so won with an empathic 8-3 in the final set to win the match 28-16.

Man of the match has to go to Peter Pan who ended the fairy tale season winning region 7 with a match to go, also a big shout out to Kieran and Dan for getting 4/4

London C (Home) v Hampshire C Match synopsis
Set 1 London C 6-5 Hampshire C
Set 2 London C 8-3 Hampshire C
Set 3 London C 6-5 Hampshire C
Set 4 London C 8- 3Hampshire C

Ross Dawkes 2/4
Olly Lawrence 2/4
Pete Thomas 2/4
Matt Holroyd 2/4
Dave Hall 3/4
Shane O'Reilly 1/4
Kieran Osbourne 4/4
Glen Hargreaves 2/4
Kulvinder Bath 2/4
Dan Heinink 4/4
Peter Panayiotou 4/4

London Seniors vs Kent - September 11th

Inter CountyThe London seniors were unable to build upon the previous win this time losing at the Kent venue to a solid home team.

The Kent conditions were not ideal with poor lighting and ultra fast Simoniz table clothes, however we all need to be able to deal with this kind of adversity in order to go one better than our competitors.

Despite these conditions the London team were always in contention though-out.

After the second set the score was 5-5 and 8-7 adrift after the the third.

After the fourth set we were still within 2 frames at 11 - 9 down but we were unable to come through falling foul of a 4-1 last set defeat to leave the final score a loss at 15 - 10

The London seniors still showing a massive improvement since our poor start at the beginning of year.

Man of the match again goes to Rupert Ward for another 4/5 for an excellent example of the kind of consistency needed for County Pool.


Paul Dawson 0/3
Paul Gafa 1/5
George Hutchinson 1/2
Martin Storey 1/5
Pete Thomas 3/5
Rupert Ward 4/5
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