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Inter CountyThe team was still buzzing after our win against Surrey but now it was time to play the formidable Kent. At the team talk I introduced our new signing Michaela Lester and said it would be great if we bettered our last score against them. The team all agreed that this was not good enough and was going for the win. I now introduce the New and very positive London Ladies County team.

Just before we started Kent announced that they were a player short, a quick adjustment to our team playing order and we were ready for the big fight.

The first leg we went 4-1 down, with Kirsty taking a great frame even though she should be giving birth to her son today. Kent had a the better run of the table, but Emma, Sharon and Sarah E pulled it back to 4-4 and with the bye and an in off the black from Kent we squeezed ahead 6-5. The team support and atmosphere was amazing from both sides.

The second leg was a more closely fought set, each team going ahead by only one frame at a time. Sharon and Corinne won their games and the bye helped us go ahead 11-9 but Kent managed to pull it back and make it 11-11.

The third leg Charlotte, Kate and Avril were substituted in for Lucy, Angie and Sarah l. The team were playing really well but we were still not getting any luck our way.
Kerry, Emma and Sharon won their frames and with the bye the score stood at 15-18 to Kent. There was still a good chance that we could take the win but we had to really focus and dig deep.

The fourth leg saw us lose the first 4 frames taking the score to 15-22. The win was out of the question but the draw was not.
Michaela, Emma and Sharon won their frames taking the score to 18-22. Could we manage to take Kent to the draw, something we have not done in a very long time? Alas it was not to be but the final score was 20-24 to Kent and a fantastic achievement for us.

To say that I was proud of my team would be an understatement. Everybody played their part whether they won or lost their frames. The atmosphere, team moral and support was amazing and this was what helped us to our best result against Kent.

Team Players
Sharon 4/4 Emma 3/4
Kirsty, Sarah E, Corinne 2/4
Kerry, Sue, Michaela 1/4
Angela, Sarah L, Kate, Avril 1/2
Charlotte, Lucy 0/2

Woman of the Match
It’s not an easy task to win one frame against Kent but to get four is awesome. Sharon Bains deserved this award hands down.

Sue Studman
(Team Captain)

London C 17 v 27 Kent C

Inter CountyLondon C 17 -27 Kent C (8th March 2015)

After a very good start away to surrey we came up against another very strong side in Kent. Each game was very close, very competitive and could have gone either way, but Kent came away with a great result winning 27 to 17. They must be contenders yet again for the top spot, but we shall learn from this and come back stronger.

London C (Home) v Kent C Match synopsis

Set 1 London C 6 - 5 Kent C
Set 2 London C 4 - 7 Kent C

London started well but Kent fought back in the second set. Each game could of gone either way but Kent were 12- 10 up after 2 sets.

Set 3 London C 2 - 9 Kent C

As usual in county matches, the third set is the one that usually determines the winners. Last month we won the third set by the exact score that we lost this time, and we won 8 in a row last month whereas this month we lost 8 in a row. Not sure if Karma is trying to tell us something here or it was just one of those days ; this left the score at 21 12 to Kent, again the exact opposite of what we did to Surrey !

Set 4 London C 5 - 6 Kent C

London fought hard but it was mission impossible at this stage and Kent got over the line in game 4, but London held their heads high and took 3 more games to leave a more respectable score of 17 27 to Kent. Man of the match goes to Richard Chapman for fighting so hard and winning a deserved 4/4


Ryan Francis 0/2
Richard Chapman 4/4
Jack Lawrence 2/4
Ben McIntosh 2/4
Kulvinder Bath 2/4
Steve Burke 2/4
Barry Barham 0/2
George Covington 2/4
Shane O'Reilly 0/2
Peter Panayiotou 0/2
Rob Speller 2/4
Adam Hewson 0/2
Carl Speller 1/2
Jonathan Tindall 0/2
Ross Dawkes 0/2

London Seniors report, Home to Kent

Inter County8.3.15 Kent (home)
London Seniors 12 Kent Seniors 8
A close match against the team that topped the region’s table in 2014, with the first two sets shared 3-2. London rode our luck a little but also had Adam Hewson in inspiring form. After the third set, London were just edging it 8-7, but from here in London upped our game and closed the match out winning 4 of the last 5 frames for an impressive 12-8 victory. Other than Hewson no one really stood out, but a good team performance by all involved.
Glen Tingley 2/4
Paul Gafa’ 3/4
Jerry Tickell 1/2
Adam Hewson 3/4
Pete Thomas 0/2
Paul Dawson 1/2
Allan Formosa 2/2

London Ladies County Match Away To Surrey 22-02-2015

Inter CountyOur first game of the season was away to Surrey. Last season we managed a draw and a very close loss, 23-21. It was never going to be an easy match, but with the new players we had signed up I felt that a win was definitely on the cards.

The 1st leg was a big disappointment as we only managed to win 4 frames even though we had chances to win a few more. First game nerves seemed to have got the better of us and we were trailing 7-4. Not the best of starts, we had to act now before the rot set in.

The 2nd leg we turned it around. We got our act together winning 7 frames making it 11-11. We seemed to have found second gear along with a great response in supporting each other. There was a buzz in the air as there always is when we play against Surrey due to the closeness of our games.

In the 3rd leg I made a substitution and put Linda in for Avril. We blew them out of the water winning 9 frames out of the 11 making it 13-20 to London. Now this was what I was hoping for and my team delivered when we needed it the most. Team moral was running high and we only needed 3 more frames for the win.

In the 4th leg I made another substitution and put Kate in for Charlotte. It’s never an easy decision of who and when to sub in, but with a team of 17 players they all deserve a chance to fight for their place. Kate won her game giving us the winning frame. We kept the pressure up and won 7 frames making the final score 17-27 to London Ladies.

What a great result, well done to all the players for a fantastic team effort whether you played or not. We picked each other up when the going got tough and it showed in the end result.

Well done to the subs, Linda and Kate who won all of their games, not an easy thing to do going in cold.

Women of The Match

This went to Sharon Bains, one of our new signing this season. Sharon played some great pool and even though she lost her first frame, she made a great comeback.


Emma Cunningham, Lucy Nettleingham, Sharon Bains, Sue Studman, Samantha Wyatt, Kirsty Edwards won 3/4.
Sarah Evans, Angie Hobbs won 2/4.
Linda Redwood won 2/2.
Corinne Grattan won 1/4. Charlotte Muir won 1/2. Kate Hillman won 1/1.

Sarah Long, Carol Mckenzie.

Sue Studman (Team Captain)

C Team Report - Away to Surrey 22nd Feb 2015

Inter CountySurrey C 19-25 London C (22nd Feb 2015)

What a fantastic start for the C team winning 25-19 against a tough Surrey team, which happens to be the exact score that Surrey beat London at the last county match of season 2014… Revenge is sweet :-) …

Surrey C was top of the tables for the last three seasons. This season with the skills, determination and positive Team spirit we showed throughout our first match, it’ll be London who comes out on top !… :-).

Surrey C vs London C Match synopsis

Set 1: Surrey C 5-6 London C

Set 2: Surrey C 5-6 London C

Great team spirit and nerve helped tremendously in the first two sets, as it was close with London triumphant 6-5 in both. Leaving the score 12-10 after the two sets.

Set 3: Surrey C 2-9 London C

In set three we really shone with all guns blazing combined with a unmatchable concentration level to take 8 frames in a row. This was the defining moment as we edged ever so close to the finishing line at 21-12.

Set 4: Surrey C 7-4 London C

Surrey realising they had no room to manoeuvre in order to win, rallied by winning the first four frames. However, not all was lost as the team spirit remained high, and then a brave Ross Dawkes came in cold and won his debut county game to take us to 22-16, sending the team spirits even higher. We shared the last 6 frames 3 each to win the match 25-19. Ben McIntosh is man of the match, having displayed great pool and stamina by winning 4/4.

Come on London let's take the season.

Player Stats:

Ryan Francis 3/4
Shane O'Reilly 1/3
Glen Hargreaves 3/4
Jack Lawrence 3/4
Kulvinder Bath 2/4
Rob Speller 2/4
Steve Burke 3/4
Adam Hewson 0/2
Peter Panayiotou 2/4
Ben McIntosh 4/4
George Covington 0/3
Robert Hearn 1/2
Carl Speller 0/1
Ross Dawkes 1/1
Jonathan Tindall 0/0
Dean Rider 0/0
Jo Slaughter 0/0

Surrey A 27 v 17 London A

Inter CountyA difficult opening fixture away to a Surrey side preparing for next week's county finals.

Surrey won the first 3 sets 8 v 3, 6 v 5 and 8 v 3 before Steve Petty secured the win for them at the start of the 4th set.

London did rally to win that last set 6 v 5 and we'll surely give a better account of ourselves at home to Kent next month.

We missed a few chances and the scoreline could have been a fair bit closer. Having said that it was encouraging that the team spirit remained good throughout. New transfer Dave Rawlinson battled hard for 2 out of 4 on his London debut but without doubt man of the match for London was Stacy Redman, returning to the team with a really confident 3 out of 4.

Joe Prince 2/4
Tony Gear 1/4
Alex Lawrence 2/4
Danny Moffatt 0/2
Nigel Smith 0/4
Stacy Redman 3/4
Andre Cox 1/4
Jerry Tickell 2/4
Rupe Ward 1/4
Jack Pople 2/4
Dave Rawlinson 2/4
Glen Tingley 1/2

GLCPA Seniors 22.2.15 Surrey (away) match report

Inter CountySurrey Seniors 10 London Seniors 10

The 2015 season begun with a tough match away to a strengthened Surrey team which had qualified for Yarmouth from the 2014 season. London got out of the blocks early to lead 2-0, before Surrey sprung into action and began to rack up the frames. London rallied before the end of the third set to get our noses back in front 8-7. Thomas cleared well under pressure only for Surrey to press us hard once again to steal a 10-9 lead, but Gafa’ clinched the final frame for a share of the spoils 10-10. On reflection a hard earned away point against a decent Surrey outfit, shows that the London Seniors may have a bit a steel about them this season.

Paul Gafa’ 4/4
Glen Tingley 3/4
Paul Dawson 0/2
Jerry Tickell 2/4
Allan Formosa 0/2
Pete Thomas 1/2
Martin Storey 0/2

Surrey B 26 - 18 London B

Inter CountySURREY B 26-18 LONDON B

So the season kicked off with our first match away to Surrey and having beaten them last season we was hopeful of repeating last years result.

Set 1: Surrey B 3-8 London B

So with the team all set and raring to go after our team talk, we got off to a great start taking the first 3 frames with Chris Hobbis, George Hammond & Adam Everitt setting the tone for the majority of the first set with some great finishes. Surrey pulled a frame back only for Rob Cork and Micky Clayton to notch up 2 more wins and push us further ahead. The last 4 frames saw much of the same as we won 3 of those 4 with Willliam Gayler, Pistol Pete Thomas & Tony "Machine Gun" (that's what it says on his top) Mcdowell all winning. Great start from the boys and some great support from all throughout.

Set 2: Surrey B 7-4 London B

So after a great first set, we was looking to kick on but it was a bit of a mixed set with some crucial frames going the way of our Surrey opponents. Having won 4 of the first 7 frames, things were looking good only for us then to lose the final 4 frames.

Mid session break Surrey B 10-12 London B

Set 3: Surrey 8-3 London B

Well what can I say other than this is where it all went downhill, not for the want of trying as the boys gave it there best but for some bad luck and some great finishes from the Surrey boys.
Surrey won the first 2 frames of the set on top of the last for of the last set which made it six on the bounce. George Hammond then gave us some hope winning the 3rd frame and there we had hoped we could rattle of a few wins and get ourselves back in the lead, that wasn't to happen as Surrey won the next 2 followed by a win from Rob Cork then they notched another 2 followed by an win from William Gayler. Then they took the final 2 frames leaving us 18-15 behind going into the last set.

Set 4: Surrey B 8-3 London B

Ok so into the final set we go and being only 3 frames behind, we still had every chance of turning things around as we did last season in the final set.
In the end it just wasn't to be and Surrey dominated much of the set as far as wins go storming into a 22-15 lead having won the first 4 frames. Not letting our heads drop, we continued to fight and Tony Mcdowell pulled one back only for Chris Hobbis to be unlucky in the next and Surrey getting to the magic number of 23 to secure the win.
The team showed a great togetherness at this point having known we lost the match but continue to push for as many frames as possible and showing continued support to one and other. Micky Clayton won the next with a tidy finish, we then lost the next 3 before I won the final frame of the day to then leave us to the the customary hands shakes with our opponents and the get together to reflect on what was a very mixed first match of the season.


Considering this is a relatively new squad and our first match of the season, we have both positives and negatives to take from this match, having showed great team spirit and togetherness and having played some fantastic frames. Maybe we got a bit complacent after the great start and took our foot off the pedal slightly, which allowed Surrey to take a foothold of the match.
I believe we have a great chance with the squad we have to improve on this result and grow further as a team and push for a place at Yarmouth.
Onwards and upwards.

Player Stats:

Chris Hobbis 2/4
George Hammond 3/4
Adam Everitt 1/4
Bruno Silva 0/4
Rob Cork 3/4
Michael Clayton 2/4
Barry Barham 0/2
William Gayler 3/4
Dan Heinink 1/4
Pete Thomas 1/4
Tony Mcdowell 2/4
Richard Chapman 0/2

Report by Will Gayler


Inter CountyOur last game against Sussex ended in a loss for us at 24 -20, having said that we should have beaten them.
We needed a win today in order to put us third in the table below Kent and Hampshire and where I feel the team should be, given the player we have in the squad. A bonus for us was that Sussex was a player short and hopefully we can capitalise on this and get the win. It still won’t be easy as they have some very good players, but I feel we can do it.
Sarah 3/4
Corinne 3/4
Charlotte 3/4
Kerry 2/4
Kirsty 2/4
Natalie 2/4
Sue 1/4
Avril 1/4
Amy 1/4
Donna 1/4
Angie 1/4



The 1st leg went really well for us, even though I had to change the players positions around we managed to pull away 8-3. What a great start and we were playing well and on our way to a good win.

The 2nd leg went to Sussex 5-6 and made the score 13-9 to us. We were still playing well but Sussex seemed to go up a gear and had a great team spirit whereas we started to lose ours.

The 3rd leg was a disaster for us and Sussex won it 8-3 making the score 16-17 to them.
There was now no team spirit whatsoever, no one seemed interested in cheering on their team players at the tables let alone watching the games.

The 4th leg not surprisingly went to Sussex 4-11 giving them the win 20-24.
The exact score as the last time we played them but this time they were a player short and gave us a 4 frames start.

If we continue to lose games that we should be winning we will find ourselves at the bottom of the results table and the other teams will have no respect for us and will think they can walk all over us. It’s time for us to respect and support each other and just maybe we will be able to get the results we know that we can.

Well done to Corinne, Sarah, Charlotte, Kirsty, Kerry who all played well and managed to get their 50 % and more. The rest of us need to seriously look at where we can improve upon.


Two players stood out in this match and both deserve to be player of the match and they are Corinne and Sarah.

Team Captain


Inter CountyOur last match against Surrey was very tight and ended in a draw. This was always going to be a hard contested match and we needed to try to get ahead this time and make it harder for them to catch us up in order to get the win.

Natalie 4/4
Sarah 3/3
Kirsty 2/4
Donna 2/4
Avril 2/4
Sue 2/4
Kerry 2/4
Amy 2/4
Charlotte 2/2
Angie 0/4
Corinne 0/4
Linda 0/2

The 1st leg we managed to go ahead 5-6, each frame was tight as no one wanted to lose their game.

The 2nd leg we only managed to win 4 frames going 12-10 behind. Not a good time to give away frames but we seem to consistently do this and find it difficult to make a comeback.

The 3rd leg we managed to pull back 6 frames making it 17-16 to Surrey. The atmosphere was tense and it was exciting to watch as both teams were doing all they could to gain the advantage and try to pull away.

The 4th leg we managed to gain an advantage and went 17-18 ahead, this was our chance to make it really count. Avril was really unlucky to go in off the black ball, pool can be an unforgiving game at times.
We managed to win 5 frames and only just lost 23-21.

Well done to the whole team, Surrey games are always close, and there will always be a next time.

Women of the match was awarded to Natalie who impressed me so much with her long pots and good positional play which was why she won all her 4 frames.

Sue Studman
Ladies Team Captain


Inter CountyLondon Ladies County Pool Match Home to Hampshire 12.10.2014

We had the bare minimum of players and knew this was going to be a tough match as we got hammered 32-12 on our last meeting.

Even so I thought that we had to show them that we could do a lot better and it would not be a walkover this time.

Sue Studman 3/4
Kirsty Edwards 3/4
Samantha Wyatt 2/4
Angela Hobbs 2/4
Avril Mallon 2/4
Sarah Evans 2/4
Corinne Grattan 1/4
Amy Alton 1/4
Charlotte Muir 1/4
Linda Redwood 0/4
Donna Levingbird 0/4

The first leg the whole team played really well and we managed to pull ahead 7-4.
What a great start better than I could have predicted, and it stopped them from ringing that awful bell.

The second leg was a disaster we went 10-12 down, oh no déjà vu all over again.
There was not much support going on, players taking cigarette breakS together only leaving a couple of players left to support those that were playing.

I gave a team talk regarding the bell and having to up our game.

The third leg we only managed to win 2 games and went 14-19 down.
Clearly not being able to replace players didn’t help our cause, but I still felt that we could pull it back.

The last leg we only managed to win 3 games and the final score was 17-27.
All in all a better score than our last meeting, but clearly a lot to work on in the future.

The player of the match deservedly went to Kirsty who was determined to get it this time and played some great pool.

Sue Studman
Team Captain
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